Mr. McDonough’s Retirement

Today is a sad day for the Bellaire students, teachers, parents, community, and HISD.  Mr. McDonough, who served HISD for 30 years with an impeccable record, announced his retirement.  
Mr. McDonough has mentored countless principals, administrators, teachers, and students during his distinguished tenure at HISD.  Under his leadership, Bellaire High School continued to lead HISD schools with the highest number of National Merit Semi-Finalists and provided a world-class learning environment for all.  Bellaire High School is the only HISD school that offers College Prep level classes in addition to the AP and on-level courses. This approach ensures the academic needs of our diversified student body are met and the different learning needs are addressed.  Mr. McDonough supported Bellaire’s one lunch period, Cardinal Hour, which allows students to seek tutorial help from their teachers and participate in the 100+ student lead club meetings during lunch  time because before and after-school hours are not accessible to all students.  These achievements and practices should be celebrated by HISD. 
It’s been over 5 months since Mr. McDonough was “temporarily” reassigned.  I can only imagine the mental anguish caused by reporting to HISD Education Learning Center and sitting in isolation every day.   Mr. McDonough felt strongly that his students needed a principal, his teachers needed a principal, and our school community needed a principal.  This is the best decision he could make for everybody in the Bellaire High School community.  

The Bellaire community and our HISD friends will grieve for this tremendous loss.  Bellaire High School PTO is committed to supporting our students and teachers and continuing our advocacy for our school.  
We encourage you to express your views and concerns to HISD administrators and Trustees.  Through a call out message, HISD invited our community to attend an in person meeting to gather input for the principal search in the auditorium at 5:30 pm on Monday, October 17.  The time will be confirmed by HISD officials in the next few days.  

Judy Cheng
BHS PTO President